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Acid Cam


Description: Acid Cam; Multimedia Design; Video; 12595 KB; LostSideDead

‼ VERS 2.0.15 ACID CAM

Acid Cam 2 is an application that turns your webcam or video files into an interactive work of art. It is now available with a user interface for the previously command line-only application. It now writes to a video file on the fly so there is no more waiting for the video to process. It contains new filters, old filters and the ability to select a video file instead of a live camera. The video file is saved to the location specified in the save prefix. Over 20 filters available. Supported video file types: MOV, AVI, MKV, MP4, M4V.

MacOS [11965 kbytes]
Version to Mac mini vers.4.0.15.Acid.Cam.7XzOb.tar.gz [13728 kbytes]
Version to Sierra [15114 kbytes]
Updated OS X xlQ-ver-2.0.18-Acid-Cam.dmg [10957 kbytes]
Best on El Captan Acid.Cam.version. [11587 kbytes]


Updated El Captan {152438 kb} 1.0.4
Version Mac Pro idHOW3_Manuscripts_v_1.2.11.tar.gz {176640 kb} 1.3.9
for 10.12.5 {22016 kb} 1.1.5

{14610 KB} Download VERS 3.0.15 ACID CAM DBLCYG 2.0.16 Best on 10.12
{13350 KB} Free Acid Cam 2.0.16 hNTzeu 3.0.15 to OS X
{12972 KB} Get ACID CAM VERSION 2.0.19 SXNULM 3.0.15 to OS X
{14862 KB} Get IlcM Acid Cam version 4.0.15 3.0.15 Recomended to Mac Pro
{14484 KB} App LcKo Acid Cam vers 2.3.15 2.1.15 on Mojave
{11461 KB} Free vers 3.0.15 Acid Cam KMMx 2.0.19 Updated for El Captan
{10957 KB} aqL0FQ v.2.0.16 Acid Cam 2.0.18 Recomended! version